Blogging For Profit – Hit Or Myth?

Blogging for profit; you’ll have heard about some of the success stories no doubt – but there never seems to be any details, right?

All the ‘meat’ is left out of the story leaving you wondering just how these ghostlike figures actually manage to bring in serious amounts of cash from their blogs.

Even the big companies have recognised the power and profit potential of blogging and have jumped on the bandwagon.

Quite honestly if you’re serious about making money online then you MUST have a blog and learn how to monetize it.

Because it’s easier than you think…

Why a blog?

The key to earning money online is traffic and a blog filled with quality content that is of value to its readers becomes a traffic magnet!

You see the search engines love regularly updated and unique content which means guaranteed traffic for you. And the other great thing about blogs is they are easy and cheap to create, easy to maintain and easy to customize.

The 4 steps to blogging success;

1 Choose a subject with lots of traffic
2 Regularly and continually provide unique, quality content.
3 Build a loyal following
4 Monetize the traffic

For step 1 you need to choose a niche with mass appeal (remember, making money online is a numbers game, you need a lot of traffic so you need a popular subject.)

You also need to be an expert on your chosen subject or be sufficiently interested in the niche to become an expert.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of popular online niches;

Money; making it, saving it, borrowing it, managing debt.
Health; weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, men’s health.
Pets; dogs, cats, horses, training, grooming, health.
Relationships; dating, attraction, reconciliation with ex.
Internet marketing; eBay, SEO, information products.

Obviously this list could go on and on.

Step 2; Having chosen your niche you need to provide the kind of content your readers want to read.

The best way to find out what your readers want is to visit online forums in your chosen niche and see what kinds of questions and problems come up regularly.

Your task now is to provide the answers and solutions and to do this search online for relevant eBooks (can be bought on eBay for next to nothing). Visit or just use Google.

Having successfully accomplished steps 1 & 2, step 3 will occur automatically as long as you keep doing step 2.

There are various strategies to achieve step 4;

You can open a Google AdSense account and place AdSense ads on your blog, every time one of these ads is clicked by a visitor to your blog you get paid.

You can provide affiliate links to information products that you review and recommend in your blog posts.

Banner advertising is another way to monetize your blog, most affiliate programs provide banners that you can paste into your blog, if your reader clicks the banner and subsequently buys the product you receive an affiliate commission.

The most lucrative way to monetize your blog, in my experience, is to capture the email addresses of your visitors and build a mailing list. You can then develop a more intimate and personal relationship with regular emails offering valuable content and recommending appropriate products.

OK, so now you understand the money making potential of your own blog.

ready to take the next step? Stuart Turnbull is a successful Internet Marketer

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